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Typical H4 conversion is very simple. Pull the screws around the headlight bevel and remove it. Pull the screws on the headlight pull it out, disconect the the actual light. replace with the H4 housing and light in the oposite order.

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1997-2001, you need to take off the bezel around the head light first (2 screws at the top of it) then the 4 screws holding in your head light frame. if you have stock headlights you have to replace the entire assembly, i just double checked and stock lights are sealed so you need to get H 6054 sealed replacements or headlights that fit the bulb (same bulb just not sealed inside) and buy the light housings to just replace the bulbs.

put all the screws back in and your good to go -matt

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Q: How to replace headlight on 2001 Jeep Cherokee?
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