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Q: How old was Wayne newton when he sang danke shoen?
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Who sang the song Danke Shane?

Wayne Newton

Who sang dankeshane?

Wayne Newton

Was Wayne newton on gunsmoke?

Yes, he sang a song

Who sang Red roses for a Blue Lady before Wayne Newton did?

Vic Dana charted with it about 3 weeks before Wayne Newton

Who sang scarlet ribbons for her hair' in the tv episode of Bonanza?

wayne newton

Did Wayne newton play a character in a green acres episode?

he sang in an episode .he was a friend of jeb

The song Wayne Newton and the Kids sang in 80 steps to Jonah?

With a little seeds and and some love (thats all I can remember)

Who sang daddy don't you walk so fast?

Wayne Newton-1972; but Daniel Boone had already had a hit with it in Britain in 1971.

Who sang 60's song heart I hear you beating?

Wayne Newton wrote and sung it. Kenny Chandler also sung it.

What connection doew Wayne Newton have to West Virginia?

I Believe Newton owned a plantation-style home there until selling it in the 2000's. Other than that, he sang "Country Roads" with the lyric "west virginia" in it, on his 1974 album "Wayne Newton Live" recorded live at the Sands in Las Vegas.

Who sang dreams of the everyday housewife glen Campbell or Wayne newton?

Glen Campbell-1968 both glen Campbell and Wayne newton have sang their own version of this song. glen... I'm not sure when but it's on his all time hits album that i have. Wayne... i think his version came out in 1967 (??) and it's the 1st song on the b side of his town & country album. also, glen sings it at a faster tempo with minor accompaniment whereas Wayne's version is more elaborate and slower. Wayne really can hit the crescendo! Wayne is a more superior singer while glen is the better songwriter in my opinion.

Who sang Hopelessly Devoted to You from the Grease soundtrack?

Olivia Newton John sang the original Hopelessly Devoted to You.