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Q: How much slack while wearing your seat belt should you have?
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How do you change a the serpentine belt on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

Put a wrench on the tensioner. Push it slack. Replace the belt while holding the tensioner in the slack position.

How much fist width of slack the seat belt across your chest should have?

The seatbelt across your chest should have about one fist width of slack.

Will a passenger who is wearing a seat belt likely hit the windshield in an accident?

If wearing the seat belt properly, then no a passenger should not hit the windshield.If wearing the seat belt properly, then no a passenger should not hit the windshield.

When you wear a waist Trainer belt do you have to Work Out While Wearing it or ot will go down by its self?

When you wear a waist trainer belt, you do not necessarily have to work out while wearing it.

How to test a belt tensioner?

The easiest way to test a belt tensioner is to pull upward on the belt. The belt should be tight with very little slack if the tensioner is working.

When wearing a lap belt while driving your chances of living through a collision are as good as someone who is not wearing their lap belt?

twice as high

Should a bodybuilder wear a belt while exercising?

if you are lifting excessive amounts of weights unassisted by a machine or spotter you should consider wearing a weight belt to support your lower back and distribute the weight evenly.

If you have a black dress with a red shirt under it what color belt should you have?

You should probably wear a red belt, but if you're wearing white shoes, where a white belt.

Why should not wearing your seat belt be legal?

The person not wearing the seatbelt is the only one who risks getting harmed.

How do you know when you have enough tension on a serpentine belt For a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

when the belt has no slack in it

How can I tell if I have the right size buckle for the belt that I'm wearing?

Your buckle should fit flush with your belt there should be no movement between the two.

What are the disadvantages of wearing a seat belt?

There are a few minor disadvantages to wearing a seat belt while driving. The main one is the inconvenience. It takes a few seconds to get in and out of the seat belt, and someone in a rush may think they don't have time for it.

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