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13 1/2 pounds at birth.

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5 pounds

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Q: How much did Frank Sinatra weigh at birth?
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Is Nikki Sixx a child of Frank Sinatra?

Yes No, I doubt Sinatra had ever heard of, much less fathered Nikki Sixx. He did have three kids: Nancy Sinatra, Jr, Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Tina Sinatra. He is originally Frank Carlton Freanna Jr. He's from the same area New Jersey.

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Johny fontane is frank Sinatra in the godfather movie?

No. While Johnny Fontane's character in similar to that of Frank Sinatra, many other entertainers of the era had associates, managers and record companies controlled by organized crime including singer Al Martino who played the Johnny Fontaine character. There are photographs and published FBI files that leave us evidence of Sinatra's relationship with members of "families" linked to organized crime. It is thought that Sinatra's role in "Here to Eternity" was given to Sinatra after the mafia's involvement with the executives of the movie's production company. Other evidence shows Sinatra was just RIGHT for the part and then wife Ava Gardner also went to bat for Frank. If you are interested, many of Frank SInatra's FBI files are available to the public. Sinatra was never indicted for any racketeering charge