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1 ounce equals 3 points

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Q: How many weight watchers points in brie cheese?
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Which counry does brie cheese originate from?

Brie cheese originates in France.

What food are brie and cheddar?

Brie and cheddar are both types of cheese. Brie is a soft, white, French cheese and chedder is a harder, usually orange, cheese.

What is a French cheese?

The most common French cheese I think is Brie. It is a soft cow's milk cheese from la Brie region in France.

Can you use brie cheese instead of muenster cheese?


Which 1 is a french cheese Wenslaydale Brie or Red Leicster?


Were does the word brie derive?

From a French region where the Brie cheese originated.

What cheese is french cheese?

BRIE!+300 or more cheeses.

What can you use in place of brie cheese?

camben cheese :D

What are two french cheeses?

Brie Cheese and Cathare cheese

Soft french cheese?


What cheese can be substituted for brie?


Camembert and brie are types of what?