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This is a 2 point violation.

Here is a comprehensive list of traffic violations and License points.

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Q: How many points do you get for failure to control in Ohio?
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How many points is given for failure to obey highway sign in Virginia?

How many points is given for failure to obey highway sign in virginia?

How many points is a failure to observe a signal on your licence?

4 points.

If you are given a ticket for driving in the wrong direction in Ohio how many points is that?

2 points

How many points are taken off for running a red light in Connecticut?

'Failure to obey traffic control signal light' is worth 2 points on your license. However, if there is another vehicle in the intersection, you might also be cited with 'Failure to grant the right of way at an intersection'(3 points).See Related Link, below, for more point details.

How many points will go on an Indiana driver's license for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle?

6 points

How many points for a failure to stop at a stop sign?

this is usually a £50 fine and 3 points on your licence.

How many points for failure to stop in Colorado?

In Colorado failure to stop at a stop sign is a 4 point ticket.

In the 86-87 season how many points did Ohio State's Dennis Hopson average?

29.9 points

How many points did the Gators win by in the 2006 National Championship games versus Ohio State?

27 points

How many points on your license for speeding ticketing Ohio?

How many points is a speeding ticket 42/30 if I got the ticket in Indiana, and I live in Ohio?

How many points for failure to yield left turn in Georgia?

For a Georgia failure to yield traffic ticket you will have three points placed against your Georgia driver's license. Here is a complete listing.

In Ohio how many points you get for a seat belt ticket?

Ohio does not consider a seat belt violation to be a moving offense so they do not assess points on them. Seat belt fines for drivers is a $30 fine, and for passengers it is a $20 fine in Ohio.