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The length of time a warning ticket is kept on record in Connecticut is approximately never. A warning ticket is just that, it does not go on your permanent record, however it may be kept by that officer and his specific department.

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Q: How long is a warning ticket kept on record in Connecticut?
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Do traffic warnings such as a written warning for speeding remain on your permanent record or are they kept track of in some way?

A written warning is usually kept as a copy in a file at the police department. There is no record of this on your permanent record.

Does nj honor traffic ticket points from va?

your record is kept on a large police database called interpol if u get a ticket in 1 state another state can see it...

Do points transfer from a North Carolina ticket to a Pennsylvania driver's license?

Yes, points transfer from an NC ticket to a PA drivers license. Your driving record is your entire driving record from wherever you receive points and tickets. They are kept in a national database.

What is a written record?

A record kept in the form of a hard copy on paper as opposed to one kept electronically.

What is written record?

A record kept in the form of a hard copy on paper as opposed to one kept electronically.

What do you call the official record kept by congress?

th congressional record

Is there any record kept of each Houses proceedings?

Yes, a written record of all proceedings is kept for the house of representatives and the senate

How long are gcse results kept on record?

They aren't kept on record anywhere, you keep the certificates and use them when getting a job, applying for college/university etc...

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How long does a misdemeanor warning stay on record?

If it wasn't an official criminal arrest and charge, it will not appear on your permanent criminal record. Typically, these types of "warnings" are only kept on file by your local law enforcement agencies to document whether or not they've ever come into contact with you before for the same or similar reason.

Is a speeding ticket a strike to your driving record?

It might but I doubt you will not get the job if you have a speeding ticket unless the job in question is a truck driver for a company that trans ports hazerdous materials or a school busdriver A background check could reveal that a speeding ticket kept off of your drivers record by use of differed adjudication will show up Criminal Record as a Misdemeanor. This happened to me two years after the ticket was dismissed. A speeding ticket is a CIVIL violation not a criminal violation so it should not show up, however most who are doing background checks routinely check with the BMV and some reports from criminal may reference civil violations (like provide a link to look at the BMV report)