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You just move it around the microwave with the grey button looking thing on the back touching the microwave and you look at the meter while running the microwave... it doesn't even need batteries

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How to know the leakage reading?
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Q: How do you use a micronta microwave leak dector model 22-2001?
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How much does this microwave weigh?

This model of over the range microwave is rated by its manufacturer as weighing 61 pounds total.

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I think it melts.

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A combination microwave can cost different prices, depending on the size and model. A combination microwave can cost as little as $125, or as much as $500, or more!

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Yes, this model of a countertop microwave oven does have a rotating holding dish.

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Yes this model of microwave does feature a turntable listed as being 15 3/8" by the product manufacturer.

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