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hello, i need help. I need a code for the radio, it's a Peugot 406 and a radio Clarion model PU2294A (C) CL0401Z0557642

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Nemanja Djuric

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2021-04-24 20:14:54
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2012-01-02 19:20:39

plss i have Peugeot 406.. 2.1 diesel.. 1998 .. i need code for miene auto radio original peugeot autoradio.. plss helpp

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Zorule Popi

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2023-03-06 14:31:43


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Q: How do you unlock radio code on Peugeot 406?
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My car radio requires the code, can u help, puegeot 406 My email is

What is the code for a peugeot 406 car radio?

each radio has a separate code. If you look through your hand book you may find the garage,or origanal owner has written it down somewhere.

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Switch the radio on and go for a run or a shopping trip. After several minutes the message 'err code' will switch to 'code'. enter the code via the left and right arrows (the numbers will be displayed on the radio) after each correct number display press the '1' on the radio to move to the next number. When all 4 numbers are set it will automatically start the radio.

Why does my peugeot 406 radio lose its signal after 30-40 seconds after switching it on?

because the french are sh*t at electrics

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