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You don't. Just and fluid and it will go off.

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Q: How do you reset the low washer fluid light on 2004 Alero?
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Your ABS light and brake light came on in your 2003 jeep liberty what does this mean?

It means there is a problem with the Anti-Lock Brake System. Check the fluid level in the Master cylinder. If the fluid level is ok, then take it to a professional for repair. you can also reset it by turning over and on the ingintion swith three times

Does the radio lock when you turn off check engine light on 2004 Jeep Liberty?

I think you are assuming that to reset the check engine light you can just disconnect the battery. Disconnecting the battery on a 2004 OBD2 compliant vehicle will not reset the check engine light. It must be reset with an OBD2 scan tool. This would work on OBD1 vehicle but not on OBD2 vehicles. So the radio issue is mute. Have the problem that set the check engine light repaired and then reset the light with the tool. Reset the light without correcting the problem and the light will just come back on.

How do you reset the temp sensor code on the jeep grand Cherokee?

Fix the problem and the light will reset itself after a certain number of drive cycles.

If maintenance required light stays on and have changed the oil checked for vacuum leaks disconnected the battery cables is there a reset button thanks?

This is a reminder light to tell you to remove the pellets from the catalytic converter, clean them, and put them back in. Yes, there is a reset button. You can safely ignore this light.

How do you reset the Service 4X4 indicator on a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You do not reset it, it is a fault code. It is not a routine maintenance indicator. Fix the problem and the light will go out.

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How do you reset the windshield wiper fluid light on an Alero?

Should reset itself when fluid is added unless sensor is bad

How do you reset the change oil light in 2004 alero?

how do you reset change the oil light in a 2004 alero?

How do you reset the low windshield washer fluid light in a 2001 Tahoe when its full?

Should reset when fluid added--may be defective sensor in reservoir

How do you reset the washer fluid light on a 2005 Nissan altima?

You fill the tank with fluid and it shuts off. There's no resetting.

How do you reset the low windshield washer fluid light in 2003 Saturn L200?

If the sensor is functioning properly, when you add the washer fluid the light should turn off automatically; no additional action required.

My Nissan Frontier washer fluid sensor dash light will not reset How do I get it to reset?

There is a magnetic float inside the washer fluid tank that causes a magnetic sensor on the outside of the tank to activate when the fluid is low. Either the sensor is bad or the float is stuck.

How do you reset the low windshield indicator in a 2001 Corvette?

Assuming you mean the low windshield washer fluid indicator, by just filling the reservoir with windshield washer fluid, the light should turn off. If not, the low washer fluid sensor may be faulty.

What does the low coolant warning display light look like on a 2001 alero?

I have a 2002 alero how do you reset, the coolant light is always on. Thanks, Alero owner

How do you Reset ABS light for a 2001 alero?

you may have a bad front wheel bearing hub assembly. 55 dollars for aftermarket. e z to replace. check brake fluid level too.

How do you reset the service engine light on a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero?

turn off engine, and start again

How do you reset the lowash warning in a 2010 dodge grand caravan SXT?

You fill the washer fluid reservoir.

How do you reset the low tire pressure light on a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero?

Just press the reset button at the fuse panel on the driver side. Press it for some seconds and it will clear the light.