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You should consider looking into one of Strutmasters air suspension conversion kits. Here is a link to their Lincoln Navigator suspension:

first you must remove the whole top of the console starting at the window switches open the console door and there is a fake push in screw in the center of the window switch housing pop it out with a small screw driver and very easy pull up on the switch housing this will remove that cover to get to the 2 screws that is under the switch cover for the tranny shifter cover to remove this you have to pup out the shifter interdicator with the park,drive,r,2,1, square using a small flat headed screwdriver very easy slide screwdriver in on the pass side of the square once you get that cover off you need to put the car in low 1 the only way to do this is to turn the key to acc and using the parking brake but watch out as you do this the brake will do the auto pup up on you keep your foot on the parking brake pedal till you shift in to low 1 OR YOU WILL ROLL once you have that done pop off that piece of the console cover you will not be able to remover this cover totally due to the shifter knob just slide it back out of your way now look under where that cover just came off under the ash tray area there are 2 more screws that have to come out to remover the radio dash cover once the 2 screws are removed from under the console/ash tray VERY easy pull on the right bottom and left bottom corners of that panel do not pull hard this panel is alittle harder to remove as the bottem tends to get stuck on the console DO NOT TRY to pup on the bottom of this panel to fully remover it or you will break it once you have to bottom of it loss work your way up the sides of the panel because you have to work your way to the top to remover the whole panel out of the dash and then again DO NOT PULL HARD you will break your clock and ac vent ducts once you have the top of the radio panel out unplug the clock by pushing the lock tap on the bottom side of the wiring on the clock that will free the panel alot once that is done unplug the ac controls and temp wires from here you can do likei di dand just set the panel on the pass seat so you don't have to undo the other wires or you will have to unplug the ash tray light and the lighter and console lights once this all all don't there is only 2 screws left and there the 2 holding the radio in the dash remover then 2 screws and slowly pull the radio out don't pull hard as the antenna wire is very short and you may cut it on the dash metal unplug the antenna and the 2 or 3 wires to the radio by pushing in on the lock taps on the wiring

now do the same to reinstall the console and hope you did not forget anything once you get it all back together or you will be doing it all over again LOL

i hope my post can help someone out as i just installed a Pioneer AVIC-Z2 In-Dash GPS Navigation System with DVD Player in to my navigator with out any help and i did not find it very hard to do it at all removing the dash and console parts as for installing the nav system well that's a new post and a long post too good luck hope i helped you

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the easiest way is to take it to your local car audio expert expect to pay $30-$100 in labor and parts should not be more than $35 on some upper end aftermarket radios this may extend your warranty as well!!!

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Carefully grab the front of the dash that wraps around the 3 vents in the middle and carefully pull. There may besome screws tucked up underneath ofthe cup holder slideout you may have to remove. The radio is held inplace with 4 screws. Gently pullit forward, unplug antenna wire and plugs. Should pull right out. Install in reverse order.

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how do install a radio in my Ford Thunderbird?

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Q: How do you install a radio in a 93' Ford Thunderbird?
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