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Here it is for you in 4 simple steps

1. There is a screw on the left hind leg below the stomach.

2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the cover. (The screw stays in the cover, so you won't unscrew it completely.)

3. Take out the old batteries and put in 2 fresh AA's.

4. Replace the cover and re-tighten the screws.

And there you have it, your iDog will be back to it's normal self.

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unscrew the bottom piece of the idog (underneath the tail) put two batteries into to the main idog . (if you look at the piece you just unscrewed and filp it over you`ll see another batterie entry) screw back piece and press nose to activate idog.

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Q: How do you change batteries in an idog?
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What batteries does a idog need?


How long do batteries last in an iDog?

not long

Haw many batteries does an idog need?


How do you charge an idog?

The idogd is a speaker and is not charged, but it takes batteries.

What happens if your IDOG doesn't work after a long period of time?

If your idog does not work after a long period of time of you not feeding it music, then it is dead. Replacing batteries will not work. The only way to revive it is to exchange it at the store.

Can you use your phone for a IDog?

Yes you can use your iphone for an idog if you have the cord that came with the idog.

How do you feed an idog?

by plugging in a musical device such as an MP3 or CDplayer into your idog and play music, that is 'feeding' your idog.

Well i was playing music on my idog dance and it does not dance anymore. i tried all the dance things but nothin seems to work. how do you fix this?

If it has batteries then change them, see if they flat or if they are running out, and that will explain why it turns on but does those "dance things" won't work!!

Is an iDog Plush the same as an iDog Soft Speaker?

Yes. plush means Stuffed animal in other terms. And tyhe iDog soft speaker is a stuffed iDog with a speaker.

Can idog talk to another idog?

yes yes yes

Who invented the idog?

The idog was invented by a company called SEGA.

How do you charge your idog?

The idog is a speaker and doesnt charge, but take betteries.