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Yes. It is very possible to still get pregnant after having your tubes tied. But sadly most of the pregnancies do not carry through because they do end up being "Tube" pregnancies which can be very harmful for the woman.

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This is still very possible. The spermatoza travel at high rates of speed and can still fertilize an egg, causing pregency.

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You can either have a tubal reversal surgery or you can use in vetro fertilization.

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Q: How can a women get pregnant with tubes tied?
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Percentage of women who get pregnant after the get their tubes tied?

less than 2% of wemen get pregnant after their tubes have been tied.

Can a women get pregnant after she had her tubes tied?


How many guys have their tubes tied?

None. Women have their fallopian tubes tied when they no longer want to get pregnant.

What happens if you get pregnant and your tubes are tied?

If you are pregnant and your tubes are tied afterwords, you should be fine. but that means you can't get pregnant again.

What are the statistics of women getting pregnant after a partial hsyterectomy?

I have had a partial hysterectomy and had my tubes tied and now I am pregnant what are the statistics

If your tubes are tied can you use a turkey baster and get pregnant?

Can I get pregnant I'm 39 n I have my tubes tied for 13

can you still get pregnant if you've had your tubes cut?

No, you can't get pregnant with your tubes tied.

Can get pregnant with tubes tied?

yes you can be pregnant with tubes tied but after a surgery called tubal reversal

Can a woman get pregnant after tube tied?

Actually 1 in 200 women will become pregnant after having their tubes tied. I, myself, experienced this. So, yes it is possible.

Can you take a pill to get pregnant if your tubes are tied?

You can't get pregnant by taking pills, no matter what you do to your tubes.

Did anyone get pregnant more than once after having there tubes tied?

Having your tubes tied is not entirely effective, if you've gotten pregnant once with them tied chances are you can again.

Can you get your tubes tied if you're not pregnant?