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Hayley didn't go to a university but for high school she went to Franklin High

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Q: Hayley Williams Secondary School
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What school did Hayley Williams?

She was home schooled

Did Hayley Williams have a hard life when she was growing up?

Hayley Williams has ADHD, so she had a hard time in school. She also has been bullied in her first high school.

Where did Hayley Williams of Paramore go to School?

My friends cousin went to school with her . . . . .

Where did Josh Farro and Hayley Williams meet?

When Hayley Williams moved to Franklin, Tennessee she met Josh and Zac Farro in high school

When was Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School created?

Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School was created in 1888.

What is Hayley Williams GPA?

Hayley Williams finished high school by doing work on the road, so I doubt she ever got a real GPA.

Did Hayley Williams go to public school?

She did when she was younger, but the high school she attended was a private school.

What is Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School's motto?

Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School's motto is 'Mens sana in corpore sano'.

Is Hayley William josh and zac's sister?

Hayley Williams is not the sister of Josh and Zac Farro. They are old friends from high school.

What high school did Hayley Williams attend?

google search it HAHA SUCKAS -angelina XD

Where did Hayley Williams from Paramore go to school?

Hayley William from Paramore went to my school, West Lauderdale in Collinsville, Mississippi. Right outside of Meridian. Her mother was a teacher at our school & Hayley would sing at contests & theatres all of the time before she moved to Tennessee.

Did Hayley Williams take singing lesson's at school?

She started taking them shortly after she joined the band. And no, they didn't come from her school.

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