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He was beaten up. It is not clear in the lyric whether he was killed or not.

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Q: Does leroy brown die in the song?
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When did Leroy Brown - athlete - die?

Leroy Brown - athlete - died in 1970.

Rock and roll song with leroy in it?

Jim Croce sang "Bad, bad Leroy Brown."

What are some song titles containing the word brown?

Big Bad Leroy Brown

Did leroy brown die?

way down on the south side of chicago...

Who wrote Bad Bad Leroy Brown?

"Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" was written by American singer-songwriter Jim Croce. He released the song in 1973 on his album "Life and Times."

Cording to the Jim Croce song what is Leroy Brown meaner than?

a junkyard dog

What Edward Sharpe song is used for a Chevy commercial?

bad bad leroy brown or abit jazzer song with tempo.

Which album is the song Genuine Love on?

The song Genuine Love is found on the album named Genuine Love by Leroy Brown.

When was Leroy Brown - athlete - born?

Leroy Brown - athlete - was born in 1902.

Who wrote the song titled Bad Bad Leroy Brown?

Bad Boy Leroy Brown was a song written by an American folk singer Jim Croce. It was released as a part of his 1973 album. The song ended up being a number one pop hit

According to the Jim Croce song what is Leroy Brown meaner than?

A junk yard dog

How did leroy hankel die?

how did Leroy hankel die