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does gretchen Wilson wear thong panties

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Q: Does gretchen Wilson wear thong panties?
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What kind of panties does Lindsay Lohan wear?

No she does not wear underwear!

What types of dresses are there and what kind of panties do you wear under them?

under a dress you should wear a thong

Does AnnaSophia Robb like panties or thong?

no,she don t wear anything

What are the best pants and panties to wear if you want to show off your panty lines?

When i do this i usually wear spandex with bikini panties on or a off colored thong funny watching guys expressions

What style of panties does megyn kelly or gretchin carlson wear..thong... bikini...hip riders?


What do ladies wear when they go swimming?

They wear a bra and some times a high rise dance thong or they don't wear panties at all

What are the odds of an American female between 19 and 30 years old wearing thong panties on any given day?

I think that the odds are pretty good that on any given day you will find a female between 19 and 30 years old, in America, wearing thong panties. I am 31 and I wear them on a regular basis and have for a LONG time

Is it ok for a ten year old to wear thong panties?

No. It has been shown that these style of garments can have a detrimental effect on people who wear them of any age but especially in children Hey its totally ok. Seriousley im a single dad of three daughters 9yrs, 11yrs, and12 yrs old. All of them wear thong panties and requested them.My current problem is thet my 12yr.old now refuses to wear any at all.If u have a sugestion PLEASE help?

What kind of panties should I wear under a miniskirt?

Just to name a few Bikni, string Bikini, Briefs, high cut briefs, low cut briefs, hipster, boys shorts, t back thong, g string thong, v string thong, and c string thong. Far more kinds than are available in men's underwear.

What is youngest u can wear a thong?

My Daughter is 7 she somtimes wear thong. but never in school.

Could some swelling in the vaginal area be caused by wearing a thong or could it be a yeast infection or something else?

It could be anything, get tested for infections and stop wearing a thong. Going commando is healthiest (not with tight pants though). If you wear panties always wear cotton. Boy shorts are very fashionable right now.

How to wear a thong with sweatpants?

If you are going to wear a thong with sweatpants, make sure the pants are slightly loose.