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Yes, the PO is not constrained from talking to your neighbors. If he is conducting an investigation he can take any lawful action necessary to the course of the investigation. Your neighbor is not immune from being talked to, and if THEY choose not to talk to him or give him any information that is up to them.

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Q: Does a Parole officer have a right to go to a parolees neighbors house and ask for their name and address?
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What happens if you get caught driving with a suspended license but you're not on probation?

You will be charged with driving while your license is suspended. Whether or not you're on probation doesn't effect this particular offense. If you were on probation, driving with a suspended license is probably a violation of your probation, and a whole different issue.

Is it legal for a parolee in Iowa to have their vehicle searched anytime they are pulled over just because they are on parole?

Yes, it is legal. When you are on parole you are actually still considered an inmate of the judicial system. Until your off parole, You have no more rights than you did when you were in prison. It's the same in all 50 states.Failure to comply with the orders of a law enforcement officer can revoke your parole entirely sending you back to prison for the remainder of your sentenced time.Answer:Hmmm. This is a gray area. You have the right to privacy (limited while on parole), and the right to legal search and siezure as garanteed by the Constitution. For a police officer to search your vehicle without your permission he must have probable cause. Being on parole is not technically probable cause or even reasonable suspicion that a crime is taking place in or as a result of your vehicle, or that evidence is visible to indicate such a crime has taken place.But...You are on parole. Realistically, you are free at the whim of the state. You served time in prison, so it isn't likely necessary to describe how the state has the power to act with near impunity. Ask yourself, do you really want to fight them while you are still undertheir thumb? Get free then fight the fight.Opinion:All parolees waive their 4th amendment rights as a condition of parole. A parolee is technically an inmate at the lowest level of custody. Here's a thought. Follow all the laws all the time and you have nothing to worry about. Answer:While it is true that you are a prisoner at the lowest level of custody, you are no longer under the full custody of the DOC. As such, you have limited 4th Amendment rights. This is a question of what the state can do and what the state does do. The state violates the rights of its citizens every day, rather agents of the state do. The previous opinion is one example of how this is rationalized. While, as far as search and seizure are concerned, you are still under the jurisdiction of the DOC, you have limited freedom of movement and activity. You have limited 4th Amendment rights. The only guaranteed right that is totally and permanently suspended to you is those of a 2nd Amendment variety. LEO's are not held to the same level probable cause if they see the need to search your property, by evidentiary rules, they still must have reasonable suspicion that a crime has occurred. If you are living right, you have a defense. Hopefully you also have the means to fund that defense. Your only other option is to lay down and take the hit. And, the agents of the state know this.

What is statutes of limitation for violation of parole in pa?

Not enough info given in order to answer - however - if you violated your parole then you did not complete the terms of your sentence, just the same as if you had escaped from jail or prison, and are subject to arrest as a fugitive from justice.

But why is yolanda coming out of jail?

She is not coming out of jail. She has a live sentence and She can get out for parole in 2025.

Did the women who shot and killed Selena die?

No she did not. She is still in jail and can get out for parole in 2025.

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Do you have a right to contact a parolees parole officer for threats?


Can a parole officer restrict?

Yes, a parole officer has full restrictive and disciplinary power over the parolees under his supervision.

Does a parole officer have a right to arrest parolees?

Certainly, but your rights as a parolee are limited, as you are still techincally a prisoner of the state.

What day of the week is most common for parole officers to violate parolees in Phoenix Arizona?

Parole officers seldom violate their parolees.

Does a parolee have to pay a parole officer?

Many states charge a monthly supervision fee. I cannot speak for other states, but in Missouri Parole officers do not collect fees. The parolees all over the state mail their fees to one location and it is deposited into a fund used to pay for programs such as substance abuse treatment and electronic monitoring. Parolees are provided self addressed envelopes. Parolees CANNOT be returned to prison for failure to pay fees.

How do you contact the federal parole people if you know one of there parolees is committing crimes in Las Vegas?

what phone number do i call to talk to a federal parole officer in las Vegas ,nv.

Is alcohol consumption a parole violation?

If the parolee is ordered by the parole board not to consume alcohol. Some parolees do not have that as a condition of parole.

When a parolee gets married can he move in with his wife or does he stay at the address where his parole was approved?

That would be at the discretion of his Parole Officer.

In the state of California can a person who is on parole live in another person's home who is on probation if not at the same time?

The general answer would be, that parolees may not 'consort with' (be around) known criminals. Best thing to do would be for them to call their parole officer and simply ask.

Does time on parole count towards a parolees prison sentence in Kentucky?


Can a parole officer charge a parolee criminally in N J?

Yes, parole officer are law enforcement officers with full police powers in NJ. The difference is their day to day duties. Parole officers primary job duty is to supervise parolees under parole supervision. That means to make sure the person under supervision is complying with the conditions imposed by the State Parole Board before they were released. Most parole officers spend their time filing administartive charges (parole violations) on violators, but at times new charges (family, friends, or on the parolee) are unavoidable.

Can two parolees cohabitate in Illinois?

Yes, provided their individual Parole Officers give permission.