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Instrumental music is protected by copyright, but YouTube's automated matching system may not immediately catch an unlicensed use.

See YouTube's copyright polices at the link below for more information.

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Q: Does YouTube consider instrumental music copyrighted?
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Are YouTube videos copyrighted?

Copyrighted when you post a video, but if you post a video with a song, and youtube/ the studio see the song, they can take the music away

Is downloading songs from YouTube legal?

It is illegal to download songs from YouTube because it has copyrighted music.

Is it okay to add copyrighted music videos to MyFavorites on YouTube?


How can i get copyrighted music on YouTube along with a different video?

that's kind of illegal.

Is there an instrumental recording of madame butterfly?

"Madame Butterfly" is a classical music piece. The instrumental recording of this song is available on YouTube or other music websites.

Why can I no longer find music videos on YouTube?

You can, but sometimes the music is copyrighted. Try vevo music videos. They usually work.. You should be able to find vevo channels on youtube.

Is it illegal to put copyrighted music in YouTube videos?

Yes it is. There is the danger of being sued because of putting copyrighted music on YouTube.

Is illegal?

No, the website is not illegal. The act of copying copyrighted music from a Youtube video format, however, is.

Is it legal to download music off youtube?

yes Downloading music that is copyrighted is illegal no matter what site is being used. If the music is being downloaded for free from YouTube and is not part of public domain, then it is illegal to do so.

How many seconds of music can i put in a YouTube video?

There is no predetermined amount of copyrighted material than can be used. Unless your video would qualify as "fair use" you will have to seek permission before including copyrighted music & posting it.

How do you add music while making the lyric video?

You would need to use a movie editing software. Some music that is copyrighted will be removed from YouTube, so make sure you have permission before uploading any copyrighted content.

Do I have to pay music licensing fees to perform and post copyrighted music on Youtube?

No, but you should disclaim it, saying something like "I do not this song, I just sing it or play it" which ever you do. It is not really illegal to do that or anything by Youtube laws.

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