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I'm pretty sure that Taylor Swift plays a 6 string acoustic guitar

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I don’t know but I saw it was a 12 string

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Q: Does Taylor swift play a 12 string guitar or a 6?
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Did Taylor Swift take up guitar lessons?

No Taylor swift taught herself to play the guitar

Does Taylor Swift rather play the piano or guitar?

The guitar.

Taylor Swift was how old when she started playing a 12 string guitar?

Taylor Swift started playing 12-string guitar since she was 12 years old

What age did Taylor swift play instrument's?

She has been able to play a 12 string guitar since she was twelve.

Can you play Taylor swift on an electric guitar?

Why not? She has electric guitar in her music.

Did taylor swift take guitar lessons?

No she didn't. Taylor taught herself how to play guitar

Witch instrument can Taylor swift play?


What instrument does Taylor Swift play?

She plays the piano, guitar, banjo, ukulele, and the ganjo (guitar-banjo hybrid).

Did Taylor swift learn her self how to play a guitar?

Supposedly, Taylor Swift is a self-taught guitarist.

Does Taylor Swift play anything besides guitar?


What insurments did Taylor swift play?

she plays guitar,and piano.

Does charlie worsham play guitar for Taylor Swift?