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No, not on the released version. Apaprently he did play on some early takes, after his death his Father mentioned Brian playing him a version with him on guitar. It is said this was the last track he played guitar on for the Stones, in March 1969.

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Honky Tonk Woman

Yes, 'Honky Tonk Woman' was a Rolling Stones 1969 hit.

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Q: Did Brian Jones play on the rolling stones single honky tonk women?
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What was Brian Jones' religion?

Brian Jones from Rolling Stones? SiK KuNt!

Were there any tragedies in The Rolling Stones?

Brian Jones death.

What rock and roll band is brian Jones from?

The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones hire to replace Brian Jones?

Mick Taylor

Was Brian Jones of the Rolling stones murdered?

No, he was found at the bottom of his swimming pool.

Who is playing drums with The Byrds on Top of the Pops?

Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones

What guitarist did the Rolling Stones hire to replace Brian Jones?

Mick Taylor

How many rolling stones are dead?

Two, Brian Jones and Ian Stewart.

Who was the original leaderof the band the rolling stones?

Mr. Brian Jones, esq.

How tall was brian mulroney?

Brain Jones, founder of The Rolling Stones, was 5 feet 6 inches tall. His full name was Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones.

What is the drummers name from rolling stones?

Rolling Stones Guitarists: The Late Brian Jones (He Also Founded The Rolling Stones), Keith Richards, Mick Taylor ( Replaced Brian Jones After He Was Fired From The Stones), & Ron Wood ( Who Replaced Mick Taylor).

Was Brain Jones a member of rolling stones?

Brian: yes, until he died in July, 1969.