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Yes you can use regular batteries in solar lights but it won't work on some solar lights like the inwood solar lights but some inwood solar lights can run on regular batteries. But some solar lights can only work on rechargeable batteries and come on at dusk and off at dawn or after six hours.

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Q: Can you use regular batteries in solar lights or should they be rechargeable?
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Can Nicd rechargeable batteries be replaced with Nimh rechargeable batteries for solar lights?

The two types of rechargeable batteries are similar in performance and many characteristics are the same. Importantly, they both deliver a voltage of 1.2V so the devices they drive will respond in the same way. The two technologies differ in the way that they should be charged. This is only a concern for fast chargers. Nimh batteries can be fully charged in about one hour but it is is important that the charger monitors the battery and shuts off the charge at the right time to avoid damage to the battery. NiCd batteries have a different charging characteristic so charging either battery in a fast charger designed for the other type is likely to lead to damage or reduced performance. Solar lights use solar panels to charge batteries over a 12 hour period or more. The charging current is low enough to avoid the risks of damage to a Nimh battery so it is very likely that they can be used. There should be no risk of damage but the only way to see if the batteries work in a light fitting is to try it and see if it works. If it doesn't, it's time to switch back to NiCd batteries.

Can you use Duracell rechargeable batteries in an Energizer recharger all NIMH?

Provided the batteries are the correct voltage (You shouldn't have to worry about this, as an odd size battery won't fit, though it is worth mentioning) and chemistry it should be OK. A NiMH charger should be OK on all NiMH batteries, but not for Li-Ion or other types.

Does a 7200mAh battery last longer than 4400mAh?

mAh stands for milliamp hours and is a partial measure of the energy that can be stored in a battery. It is the standard used for rechargeable batteries but rarely used for non-rechargeable batteries. The rating is only a partial measure because the voltage affects the total energy stored. For a given mAh rating, the higher the voltage of the battery, the more energy can be stored. For two batteries that deliver the same voltage, a 7200mAh battery will store more energy than a 4400mAh one. Therefore, the 7200mAh battery should last longer. There are other factors that affect how long a battery can last. The type of load can have a significant effect on the battery life and the condition of the battery itself.

How can you charge 6 volt dry cell?

If it is not rechargeable DO NOT attempt to recharge it, the battery can explode causing damage to you, your charger, to anything or anyone around ground zero.If it is rechargeable you should have or you can get the proper charger.Do Not just get any charger It Must Be the correct Voltage and Amperage for your battery.

How do you change battery in lift master garage door opener remote?

The Remote Control Batteries: The Lithium batteries should produce power for up to 5 years. To replace, pry open case with visor clip or screwdriver. Insert batteries positive side up (+). Dispose of old batteries properly.

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Is an AAA battery an rechargeable battery?

There are rechargeable AA batteries that are sold. One should NOT attempt to charge regular AA batteries. This can result in the batteries leaking or exploding. Charging regular batteries can result in injury or fatality in a number of ways including fire. If they do not say rechargeable then they are probably not chargeable.

Are energizer ultimate lithium batteries rechargeable?

No. They just last longer than regular batteries. They should not be recharged.

Are energizer rechargeable batteries worth it.?

Energizer rechargeable batteries are like some of the top brands and are usually long lasting in which they should work just like the regular brands do too.

Do rechargeable batteries get a safe disposal?

You should send your rechargeable batteries, as any other batteries, to your local recycling site, probably run by your local council.

Can regular duracell batteries be charged on a duracell charger?

Unless you want to see batteries burst, you should never charge normal alkaline batteries with any charger. Brand names don't matter much in this sense either. Only charge batteries that have the word "Rechargeable" or "NiMH" on them. Though there are some alkaline batteries that are rechargeable, a regular battery faces the risk of explosion or severe damage when charged.

Should one use rechargeable batteries for cameras?

Getting rechargeable batteries for cameras will depend upon your camera. Depending on your camera you may be required to use a rechargeable battery for your camera.

Where can I purchase rechargeable C batteries?

Rechargeable C batteries are available at any retailer, including Walmart and Walgreens. Consumers should stick with lithium batteries instead of Ni-Cad versions.

Do I have to use Nikon batteries with my Nikon camera?

No, you do not. If it takes regular batteries such as double a or triple a, you can use any brand. If the camera came with it's own rechargeable battery, you should use it. If it quits working, buy one just like it.

How long should rechargeable batteries for your digital Canon be recharged?

It sohould be about 5-20 min

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They should be dropped in a battery recycling bin. Such bins often exist in or near electronics stores. Make sure they accept alkaline batteries. Some only accept rechargeable batteries. Using rechargeable batteries can save you money and greatly reduce the number of batteries you need to dispose of.

Why Switch to Rechargeable Batteries?

Rechargeable Battery SolutionsThere are probably a dozen or more gadgets in your home that all run on batteries. One of the major problems that many people have is that batteries lose life very quickly and need to be replaced almost as soon as you start using them. Whether it's the batteries in your remote control or your digital camera, you may want to start considering the use of a rechargeable battery. Rechargeable batteries tend to be cheaper in the long run and take a lot of headache out of the situation when you notice that your batteries in a particular gadget are running low.The reason everyone should invest in rechargeable batteries is because they are cheaper and more economical. You do not have to worry about throwing them away and destroying the environment in the process. You also do not have to worry about rushing to the local store just to pick up another pack of batteries when the ones you have are dead. With the rechargeable battery, all you need to do is put it in its charger and you can begin using it again. You will be able to charge these batteries multiple times before they can be thrown out. This is going to save you time and money in the long haul when you use them regularly.Another great thing about rechargeable batteries is that you can bring them and their charger with you when going on vacation. In the hotel, just plug in your charger and you will never have to worry about venturing out with half-dead batteries ever again. You can find rechargeable batteries and chargers in most stores for a decent price. The amount you spend on the charger and batteries will pay for itself when you realize that you can use the same batteries for months without needing to get brand new ones. There is absolutely no reason for you to have to deal with regular batteries when rechargeable ones are a much better choice. Just buy a pack of rechargeable batteries from your local store and make sure that you also buy a charger so that you can charge them.

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