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Depending on your altitude and range from broadcasting towers, yes. ------------------------------- No! because the impidence and frequency range does not cover up FM ranges, Its also illegal! if you can receive FM on your COMM 1 in your aircraft you can also transmit which is also illegal for anyone/thing to transmit unauthroised on Air band radio.

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Q: Can you listen to a FM radio in a Cessna?
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Yes, you can

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You would need to be in Istanbul, Turkey to listen to PAL FM on your radio at 99.2 on your FM dial. You can go to their website to listen to their podcasts.

Does the iPod touch 2nd generation come with FM radio?

No, the second generation iPod Touch does not come with FM radio. You must be connected to the internet using a radio app to listen to FM radio.

Can you use a mp3 player to listen to music on a radio via FM transmission?

Yes, you can, When you turn it on there should be applications (Mp3, Radio/FM, Options) Click on Radio/Fm and find your station.

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To listen to FM radio online one first needs to open a web browser on your PC, tablet or phone. Then find the FM radio service you want to listen to online and click on the button to open online listening.

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If your PC has a separate radio antenna, the answer is yes.

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