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A police officer can ticket or arrest any where they see a violation of law. There are restrictions about searches and your home, and probable cause. But if your car must be registered, displaying all legal tags and plates, for it to be parked or driven.

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Q: Can police issue a ticket in apartment complex in Michigan?
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Can a police officer give a parking ticket in an apartment complex in Virginia?

Yes, if the owner of the complex has given the police written permission to issue tickets on the property.

Can a police officer give a parking ticket on private property in a gated apartment complex in Texas?

If the property holder gives the police department access to the community for security reasons, the police officer can conduct himself as if he was on patrol in a public neighborhood. Pay the ticket.

How much is a ticket for parking in handicap in an apartment complex?

honestly, around $250-$500

Is a speeding ticket in Michigan a misdemeanor?

In Michigan a speeding ticket is considered a civil infraction and not a misdemeanor.

How much will a no proof of insurance ticket cost in Michigan?

There is not a ticket charge for a no proof of insurance in Michigan. You are given a ticket for other things, such as speeding.

If a Michigan resident received a ticket in Indiana do they have to wait the 90 days to get it?

Depends if Michigan & Indiana have a reciprocity agreement. If you had to post bond / post AAA card to the police officer at the time of the ticket, then there is not a reciprocity agreement, meaning they do not share driver information. Michigan & Ohio do NOT have such an agreement. You will have to post bond / post AAA card on the roadside in Ohio.

Can an off duty police officer give you a ticket in Michigan?

I believe so. Off duty police officers don't have to do anything during their break but they still have to enforce the law whenever they think it's nescessary.

Can a school give you a ticket in Texas?

From a student: They call the police, and from there the police can decide whether to give you a ticket or not.

How much does a ticket for drug paraphernalia cost in Michigan?

$15,895 is the cost of the ticket

Can you give a police officer a ticket?

yes because if a police officer is off their shift and are speeding they can get a ticket anyway. The average citizen does not have the legal authority to issue a ticket to anyone, police officer or regular citizen. A police officer can issue a ticket to another police officer who is violating the law while not in the performance of their duties.

Can a off duty police officer issue you a ticket off duty in Michigan?

almost all locations allow off-duty officers to issue citations if nessescary.

How do you make a sentence with the word a ticket?

The police gave him a ticket for speeding.

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