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Only if you are on a state or federal reservation or Park where their jurisdiction allows.

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2010-02-24 21:04:02
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Q: Can a game warden give you a speeding ticket?
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Can a game warden give out speeding tickets?

Yes they can. They are officers of the law except in the forest or wild places.

Does a cop need a definite speed to give you a speeding ticket?


Does a speeding ticket in Virginia give you points on your Delaware license?

yes it does

How do you obtain a copy of a lost speeding ticket that has been paid but needed for employment reasons?

Call the dept. who gave you the speeding ticket. They will be able to give you a copy.

Can police in Maryland give you a speeding ticket when you are out of your car?

Yes. What would being in or out of your car have to do with the issue? Were you speeding is the issue.

Can a crossing guard get you a speeding ticket?

Sure they can be responsible for you receiving one, but they can't actually give you a ticket

Is it legal for an Police Officer to give you a speeding ticket while being hidden?

Yes. No - its a jerky thing to do, but you should not be speeding if there arent any cops around - so they CAN ticket you if you were speeding when you didnt see them.

Can border protel officers give traffic tickets?

can the border patrol officer give a speeding ticket

Can an officer stop you for speeding and said he will not give you a ticket but does and never told you how fast you were driving untils the ticket is wrote out can he do this?


What was the cop name to give the president Ulysses S. Grant a ticket for speeding?

Taylor Basso

Can regular police officers pull you over on the freeway in California and give you a speeding ticket it?

Yes, they can.

Can a moving police car give you a speeding ticket?

The police car itself will never give you a speeding ticket. The officer inside the car, however, can, whether or not their vehicle is in motion. They are just as capable of taking speed measurements while movement as they are while stationary.

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