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Consumers are heterotrophs and do not get their energy directly, but by eating organisms that do, or by eating other consumers. Herbivores are primary consumers, predators are secondary or higher. Detrivores consume the dead matter left by either producers, or consumers, or both.

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Q: Are consumers organisms that get solar or other energy indirectly?
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Do consumers get energy indirectly from the sun?

Yes, consumers indirectly get energy from the sun through various processes. The sun's energy is captured by plants during photosynthesis, converting it into chemical energy stored in the form of carbohydrates. Consumers then obtain this energy by consuming plants or other organisms that have consumed plants.

What are organisms that can consume other organisms for energy?

Organisms that consume other organisms for energy are consumers.

What are organisms that eat producers of other organisms for energy?


How do consumer get energy?

consumers get energy by eating other organisms

Organisms that must feed on other organisms for energy are known as?

Consumers ^_^

What do consumers obtain by feeding on other organisms?


Is a pig a consumers?

Yes; they eat other organisms for energy.

What are the omnivore carnivore and herbivore's group are called?

Organisms that cannot synthesize their own food obtain it directly or indirectly from producers and are called heterotrophs ("other-feeders") or consumers-they acquire their energy and many of their nutrients prepackaged in the molecules that compose the bodies of other organisms.

What do all consumers depend on to get their energy?

All living organisms, that are catagorized as consumers, depend on eating other organisms for energy, although, producers create their own energy from the abiotic features of an ecosystem.

Organisms that obtain energy by taking in food are called?


What relies on other organisms for their energy and food supply?

autotrophic organisms are those that feed on others for energy.

How does photosynthesis beniffit heterotrophs?

By providing an energy source for them. The majority of heterotrophic organisms get their energy by eating photosynthetic organisms or indirectly, by eating things which themselves eat photosynthetic organisms.