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Oboe. Another example is the bassoon.

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Q: An example of a double reed musical instrument is the?
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What is a Greek aulos?

It is a double-reed ancient Greek musical wind instrument.

Is a bassoon a musical instrument?

Yes, it is part of the woodwind family and uses a double reed.

Is bass clarinet a double or single reed instrument?

Along with every clarinet, the bass clarinet is a single reed instrument.

What musical family dose the bassoon belong to?

It's a double-reed WOODWIND instrument. It is also a baroque instrument (time period).

Is the oboe a single or a double reed?

I think you are referring to the Bb clarinet which is single but there are acually 3 different types of clarinets. Bb=single Oboe=double Alto=single

Is the English horn a single reed or a double reed instrument?

double reed

What is a bassoon?

A bassoon is a musical instrument in the woodwind family, possessing a double reed and playing in the tenor and bass ranges.

What musical reed instrument start with Ba?

The Bassoon.

What are some musical instruments than start with n?

Nose flute Nadaswaram (India) -double reed instrument Nyckelharpa (Sweden) -stringed instrument Naqara -percussion

Is a flute a double reed or a single reed?

a Flute does not have a reed so it's neither a single or double reed instrument.

Is the violin a double reed instrument?


What musical instrument starts with R?

· Rattle · Recorder · Reed