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the house sparrow nest has three to six eggs

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Q: A picture of a house sparrows nest?
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Do House sparrows nest in the winter?


What are some enemies of the bluebird?

House sparrows and wrens often compete with bluebirds for the same nesting house. Often time sparrows will break bluebird eggs or make another nest over the current bluebird nest.

Do sparrows overtake swallow nests?

Yes - that is what happened to a house martin's nest on our house. The sparrows took over and hatched two babies. Sadly though the nest collapsed and it and the babies ended up on the lawn. So disaster.

What are house sparrows attracted to?

House Sparrows tend to nest in and around buildings. They scavenge around domestic rubbish and also eat seeds. They are definitely attracted to bird feeders. They feed their young on small insects and inveterbrates.

Can bluebirds crawl read somewhere to keep sparrows out make the hole in the bird house a certain length Read somewhere bluebirds are the only birds that can crawl a certain distance what is it?

Never known of a bluebird crawling, it would be difficult..To exclude house sparrows, make the entrance hole around one and a quarter inches across..Also, place the nest box no higher than five feet from the ground, sparrows won't nest so low.

How do you keep sparrows out of a bluebird nest box?

No bluebird nest box is sparrow proof. You can however discourage sparrows from nesting there. Avoid places next boxes close to barns, feedlots, and farmsteads. These provide plenty off cover for sparrows. Sparrows may not like nest boxes made of PVC pipe because the interior is circle. They also dislike slot boxes.

How do you get weevils to your nest in binweevils?

you get weevils to your nest by pressing the weevil you want to invite and then press the picture of a house which means to invite them.

Where do sparrows make their nest?

in trees or bushes wherever it iis safe for theme

How do you get rid of birds nesting outside of your house?

Destroy the nest after the young have fledged. Do not, however, disturb the eggs or young of any native species, because they are protected by law. Only non native species like starlings or house sparrows can have an active nest removed.

What are the sparrows natural enemies?

The house sparrow has many enemies. They must compete with other birds such as bluebirds for places to nest. Some of there other enemies include house wrens, crows, starlings, and even humans.

What is a house sparrows enemies?

The House Sparrows Enemie is the starling. They can push there chicks out of the nest and can also take there eggs to eat. The crow can also be a enemie to the sparrow as it can do allmost the same amount of damage as the starlings!!!!

Do sparrows use the same nest year after year?

No they build a new nest for each brood. However they may use the same nest site year after year.