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1053- Hz

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Q: A 1056-Hz tuning fork is sounded at the same time a piano note is struck You hear three beats per second What is the frequency of the piano string?
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If a string vibrates at the fundamental frequency of 528 hz and aiso produces an overtone with a frequency of 1056hz this overtone is the?

first harmonic

What is a violins A string frequency?

The A string frequency is 440Hz

What is the fundamental frequency of a violin string is 440 Hz the frequency of its second harmonic is?

If the fundamental is 440 Hz, then the second harmonic is 880 Hz.

A piano tuner hears three beats per second when a tuning fork and a note are sounded together and six beats per second after the string is tightened What should the tuner tighten or loosen the string?

loosen the string

The lowest frequency possible in a vibrating string undergoing resonance?

Three parts - 1.) Is the fundamental frequency, 2.) determines the pitch of the musical note sounded, and 3.) has one antinode.

When a string vibrates at the fundamental frequency of 528 hz and also produces an overtone with a frequency of 1056 hz this overtone is the?

Second Harmonic

What factor determines the frequency in cycle per second?

It depends: the frequency of what? For example, in the case of a string moving back and forth, that would depend on the length of the string, on its mass, and on its tension.

The fundamental frequency of a string is 550 hz what is the first harmonic frequency of the string?

The first harmonic, is the fundamental frequency, or 550 Hz. The second harmonic would be twice that, or 1100 Hz. The third would be twice that, or 1650 Hz and so on...

What happens to the frequency of pendulum if you shorten the string?

When an object with periodic motion has a string and the string is shortened, the frequency would be smaller/reduced.

What is the a-string on a guitar?

The A string is the second string and the second thickest string.

In a stringed instrument the sound frequency of a particular string can be increased by?

Tightening the string will make its' frequency higher.

How can you increase the sound frequency of a particular string in a stringed instrument?

Tightening the string will increase the sound frequency.

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