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You are wrong. Copper is NOT more expensive than gold.

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It just is thats how it is

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Q: Why is copper more expensive than gold?
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Which is the best conductor copper gold or tungsten?

Gold, marginally. However, gold melts at a much lower temperature than silver does, so it can't carry as much current before it melts.AnswerThe original answer is incorrect. Silver is the best conductor, followed by copper, then gold.

What is the most precious metals in the world?

Rhodium is pretty rare and very expensive. More rare than platinum.

What is the best electricial conductor?

the_best_is_silver">the best is silver-----Silver is better than copper which is better than gold which is better than aluminum.The absolute best would be a super-conductor at a temperature of absolute zero.

Why is platinum so exspensive?

The earliest known use of platinum dates back to 7th Century BC, when it was used to craft caskets in Egypt. Its use for this purpose shows that even the earliest civilizations valued platinum as an important and precious metal. Today, platinum is one of the most demanded metals in the bridal market. It's popularity is beginning to surpass white and yellow gold in engagement rings, and is growing increasingly favoured as the metal for both men's and lady's wedding bands. But what is it about platinum that makes it so popular, and also so expensive? Platinum is very popular because of its many advantages. Unlike white gold, which has to be rhodium plated to achieve its brilliant white shine, platinum is a naturally white metal that will never require re-plating. Platinum is also a little harder wearing than gold, making it less susceptible to, though not completely impervious to, the signs of everyday wear and tear. There are three reasons why platinum jewelry is relatively expensive as compared to gold or white gold jewelry. The metal platinum is a more expensive metal than gold as it's a more rare metal and there are difficulties involved with mining it, which also adds to its price. Platinum is also used in a much higher concentrations in jewelry than the proportion of gold used in jewelry. The platinum alloy used in jewelry consists of 85% to 95% platinum, that's 850 to 950 parts platinum for every thousand parts. Gold jewelry conversely generally uses a maximum of 75% or 750 parts gold per thousand parts for 18ct jewelry, or less gold for 14ct, 10ct or 9ct jewelry. Whilst traditionally platinum was mixed with an alloy of gold, it is now combined with another member of the platinum family such as palladium or iridium which helps to retain its whiteness. Palladium is also more expensive than gold and it has a metal price more comparable with platinum than gold. This change in alloy mix has also contributed to raising the price of platinum. Platinum is also a denser heavier metal than gold, making a ring design made in platinum heavier than the same ring design made in 18ct gold. As the metal price is calculated based on gram weight, this density or heaviness, also contributes to making platinum more expensive than 18ct gold.

Is there a pillow made for feet?

Yes, there are pillows especially made for feet. Some can be more on the expensive side and there are some on the less expensive. They are a little less sturdier than the more expensive side. It all depends how much some one is willing to spend.

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Is copper more reactive than gold?

Even though gold and copper are in the same family, copper is much more reactive than gold. This is why Copper rusts more than gold, and why there are so many copper compounds (IE copper silicate...). Copper is higher in the family, giving it these characteristics.

Is gold a conducter or insulater?

Gold is a conductor. Most of the more expensive audio cables have gold plated tips because gold is a better conductor than copper.

Is yellow or rose gold more expensive?

Rose gold is better and could be expensive because it is rare but its only a mixture of yellow gold and copper. but the color could go bad if any perfumes or cremes are accidentally put on it. Yellow gold (pure gold) is more expensive than an alloyed gold.

Why not use gold as wires since its free electrons is farther away from the nucleus than copper?

Copper is used instead of gold because gold is way to expensive and not practical.

Why is gold not used as an electrical wiring?

Too expensive, it would be stolen (as it is there are people stealing copper electrical wiring, and copper is much cheaper than gold).

Which is more expensive titanium or gold?

Gold is tremendously more expensive than titanium.

Why isn't copper as valuable as gold?

Copper is much more common than gold.

Which is worth more steel or copper?

Copper is much more expensive than most steel.

Why is gold more expensive than iron?

gold is more expensive than iron simply because iron is more common and gold is also a purer metal

Which is more expensive white or yellow gold?

Pure yellow gold is more expensive than an alloy.

Does silver cost more than gold?

No, gold is more expensive than silver as it is more rare

Is platinium more valuable than gold?

yes platinium is much more expensive than gold