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Some turbo cars will be fitted with a turbo timer, which keeps the engine running for a specified time after the ignition is turned off. This allows the turbo to cool down before the engine shuts off, which prevents potential damage to the turbo.

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Q: Why does a car with a turbo idle after being shut off?
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On a 2001 Hyundai Sonata what causes the car to idle when in park?

Because the engine is running. Shut it off or give it gas and it will not idle.

What would cause a 1994 Honda accord to shut off?

A 1994 Honda Accord can shut off for a number of reasons. The most common are lack of fuel or air. If there is a vacuum leak the car will idle erratically and shut off. When a car runs to lean it may not be able to hold an idle.

Do you let a car with turbo it idle after a run?

YES! Especially if you have been pushing it hard. Turbo's need to 'cool off' after being used, and is very important if they have been used hard. Oil from the engine will cool the turbo off after a few minutes. Sophisticated cars and cars with twin turbos usually have timers built in to the ignition system which will run the engine for 2-4 minutes after you turn the key off, specifically to cool the turbo(s). You should always idle a car with a turbo before you turn the engine off - longer period of time if it was racing.

2002 Galant that has an idle problem when you are at a stop the idle goes up and down sometimes to the point of engine shut off your question is does anyone know how to corrrect this issue?

the car is garbage the car is garbage

What would make your car start right up but have rough idling and shut off?

a longer cam shaft will make a car idle rough

To save gas is it better to idle or shut off car engine?

To save gas, it is better to completely shut off the engine rather than allowing the vehicle to idle. This saves about 5 percent more gas than idling.

Toyota carina turbo diesel car that starts but wont rev .?

If a Carina Turbo will turn over but will not idle there can be an air leak. The vacuum lines should be checked to see if there are any holes.

A turbo car is described as?

An car with a turbo installed.

Can a turbo car be converted to non turbo?

Yes, it can, but you will face a high chance of your engine being slower, and less responsive

Is it illegal to drive a turbo car with the turbo taken out on your p plates?

no if u take a turbo out of a car it is no longer a turbo charged car

Squealing sound at the front of a car. It doesnt happen when car is in idle Car is a turbo starlet standard. Sound tends to increase in speed with the increase in speed of the car But sometimes absent?

Probably a worn or loose belt

Why does your fin in your turbo stop spinning on idle?

The TURBINE inside a turbo-charger stops spinning when the vehicle is at idle because there isn't enought exhaust pressure to keep it spinning, lowering the internal engine pressure. creating less wear on the turbo and engine also alowing the engine to idle.. if it was to continue forcing air into the engine it would also need to force gas. to match the air fuel ratio to keep the car from dying, causing the engine to rev.. not stay at idle..

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