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It was because the actor was fired. This is a way to keep him off of the show for good.

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Q: Why did CSI kill off Warrick?
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Who shot Warrick on CSI?

Undersheriff McKeen

What actor played warrick brown on csi?

Gary Dourdan

Who killed warrick on csi?

Under sheriff Jeffrey McKeen

First person to die on csi las Vegas?

That would be Warrick Brown.

What are the ratings and certificates for CSI Crime Scene Investigation - 2000 For Warrick 9-1?

CSI Crime Scene Investigation - 2000 For Warrick 9-1 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 USA:TV-14

What is the coloured guys name on csi las Vegas?

Warrick Brown- Gary Dourdan

How did warwick die on csi?

Warwick isn't a person on csi. Warrick Brown died. He got shot in the neck twice by undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen.

What is the black guy who stared in csi Las Vegas?

His name was Warrick Brown, played by Gary Dourdan

Is there a picture of CSI cast with brown?

yes, maybe if you type in Google cast of csi in the seasons with warrick brown in, then maybe there will be some pictures. you could get pictures from the DVD sets with pictures of the csi cast.

What happen to the character Warrick Brown from CSI?

He died, murdered in the ending of season 8. The first episode of season 9 called "For Warrick", the team tries to solve the case and finds out who the killers was and why he killed him.

What is the song playing when Warrick dies in CSI season 8 finale?

The name of the song is: "Come Tenderness" by Lisa Gerrard

What happened to warrick on csi?

He died, in one of the episodes at the start (For Warrick)... He also is very angry many times because of Nicks abduction and 'burial' (Grave Danger)