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Jessica Rabbit is Roger Rabbit's wife.

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Jessica Rabbit was Roger Rabbit's wife.

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Q: Who was Roger Rabbit's wife in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
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Roger rabbits girl friends name?

Jessica Rabbit is Roger Rabbit's sexy, big boobed wife

Who really framed Roger Rabbit?

His wife was playing 'Patty Cake' with Marvin Acme, and when Eddie Valiant took some pictures of this, Marvin Acme was killed and so Roger Rabbit was framed because it was thought he may have been jealous that his wife, Jessica Rabbit, was with another man. Both Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit loved each other so much that this is where the framing probably started.

Who is the redhead from Bugs Bunny?

If you're talking about Roger's wife Jessica, her name is Jessica Rabbit.

How did roger rabbit and Jessica rabbit meet?

No , Jessica Rabbit was faithful to Roger Rabbit ; her alleged infidelity was simply a plot device used in the film to develop the characters and the narrative . I say, can you honestly trust a suspect? Hell no! She claimed that it was part of a plot but who can you trust? Even if this plot were true (which it might have been) she may be guilty for part of the crime of framing Roger Rabbit. She once dated Reader Rabbit, and he is now among the missing list.

Who was Roger Williams' wife?

Mary Barnard (1609-1676) was the wife of Roger Williams

Who are the main characters of who framed roger rabbit?

Eddie Valiant is the leaad detective portrayed by Bob Hoskins. Roger Rabbitt is the cartoon protagonist who is falsely accused of murdering ACME co. owner Marvin Acme. Roger's wife is entertainer Jessica Rabbit. Judge Doom is the main antagonist portrayed by Christopher Lloyd. His lackeys are the weasels who are constantly trying to arrest Roger so he can be tried for the murder. Other main characters are Dolores the bar maid and love interest of Eddie Valiant. Baby Herman is a cartoon coworker of Roger who provides a few helpful tips to Valiant. Bennie the Cab is a somewhat major character who provides transportation for the good guys to and from Toon Town. Other minor characters are the toons themselves which include Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam and many many others.

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Who is Roger Federer's inspiration?

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