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Micah (Micah Sloat) is the boyfriend of Katie (Katie Featherston). They both used their real names in the films. Katies sister Kristi (the mom) is the main character in Paranormal Activity 2. So basically Micah plays Kristis sisters boyfriend.

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Q: Who was Micah in Paranormal Activity 2?
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Is Micah Sloat in Paranormal Activity 1?

Micah Sloat was in the movie Paranormal Activity in 2007 and the sequel Paranormal Activity 2 in 2010.

Who is Micah in Paranormal Activity 2?

In both movies, Micah is played by Micah Sloat.

Who plays katies boyfriend on Paranormal Activity 1?

Katie's boyfriend, Micah, is played by Micah Sloat. He also played her boyfriend in Paranormal Activity 2.

How did Micah die?

Katie stabs Micah in Paranormal Activity at the end

How is Micah in Paranormal Activity 2?

Micah is in paranormal activity 2 because they videotaped that day before anything at Micah's house ever happened. They said that the date that video was taken, was before the day that Micah died. I believe it was around a month before his death, but I'm not certain.

Why does the demon hate Micah in Paranormal Activity?

Because Micah is intruding on the demon's territory.

What were the names of the couple in the movie Paranormal Activity?

Micah and Katie

Who is the movie Paranormal Activity dedicated to?

Paranormal Activity is dedicated to the film's two stars, Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat.

Who dies in Paranormal Activity?

Spoiler AlertIn the first Paranormal Activity, Micah dies at the end. He is stabbed to death by Katie, who is possessed by the demon.In Paranormal Activity 2, possessed Katie kills her sister Kristy and Kristy's husband Daniel.

Who are micah and Katie?

They are fictional characters created for the movie Paranormal Activity.

What parts of the Paranormal Activity was real?

Micah and Katie being engaged.

How did Micah Sloat die in the movie Paranormal Activity?

His girlfriend killed him

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