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Jackie robinson got married 1 time only

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Q: Who many times was Jackie Robinson married?
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How many home runs did Jackie Robinson have?

For his major league career (1947-1956) Jackie Robinson hit 137 home runs.

How many years did Jackie Robinson serve in the military?


How many years did Jackie Robinson play in the major leagues?

10 years, from 1947 to 1956.

Where did Jackie Robinson changed baseball?

Jackie Robinson changed baseball in many ways1. he was the first African American to play in the major leagues2. he broke the color barrier in baseballnot only did he change baseball but he changed all sports

Where did Jackie Robinson live?

He lived in Cairo, Georgia. Jackie Robinson passed away from diabetes in 1972.Jackie Robinson was born Jack Roosevelt Robinson in Carro Georgia in 1919.He was the first African American to play baseball in the mojor leagues. a fter leaving the army ,Jackie wanted to play baesnall.At that time ,Jim Crow laws segergating black Americans from whitser existed in many places.including poefessional sportsBlakck althetes were not permitted to play in professinal baseball unless they played in what was then called the Negro League.In1947,Jackie Robinson was recuited to play major league baseball 4 the Brooklyn Dodgers.Many opposing players and even some of his own teammates treated him treeidly.Eventually,by begin an excellent player who showed courage and dignity,Jackie won the respect of many of them.During his 10 years and most valuable players awards.He ended his career with a 311 batting average.In 1962 jack roosevelt became the first africna americna to be inducted into the baseball hall of fame.JACKIE ROBINSON MOJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYER1919-1972

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