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The Werker label on SLI batteries is sold at Batteries Plus and made by East Penn.

That is NOT correct! Werker is a Batteries Plus privately owned brand name. Werker labeled batteries can be made by anyone that Batteries Plus has entered into a private label agreement with. When going to their store it is likely that their Werker batteries are made by 12 plus people. In the SLI automotive batteries they use Exide as their primary, they do have an agreement with East Penn as well and several other Mexican battery manufacturers. Problem with a Batteries Plus is you don't know what you're buying but it is likely you are buying whatever they could get the cheapest the day they needed batteries.

The manufacturer of the Batteries Plus branded SLI battery depends on where the store is located. My local store orders directly from Exide Batteries Corp. and East Penn. Corp. From my past experiences working for an auto parts store East Penn has one of the best automotive offerings on all batteries while Exide has a lot less. I sold East Penn for years and was very familiar with their products and how they worked. Also keep in mind most Battery Plus stores are franchises not corporately owned.

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Q: Who makes Werker batteries?
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