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When Zoe 101 first aired, it was Chase Mathews, a young boy with a brown bushy hairstyle. During the end of Zoe 101, it changed as Zoe moved to England and came back but Chase left to England to be with Zoe. Right before Zoe 101 had it's finale, "Chasing Zoe", James gave Zoe a necklace that said , "I love you. - James". She wasn't really supersized because she was planning to break up with James since she still loved Chase.

A couple days before the dance, Zoe broke up with James and Chase came back right during the dance. So, Zoe's boyfriend in Zoe 101 is Chase Mathews.

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Zoey's boyfriend in Zoey 101 is Chase Mathews because they were always by each other sides and that's James is not her boyfriend in Zoey 101.

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Q: Who is zoey is boyfriend in zoey 101?
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