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George Lucas.

George Lucas did not create, write or come up with the Star Wars series by himself. He was merely a director to the movie. Oliver Simon wrote the original series books. George Lucas then bought the rights to the storyline and characters, re-wrote the series, and made them into a movie.

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Q: Who is the original author of the Star Wars saga?
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Original trilogy is Lego Starwars 2 by itself. Complete saga is Lego Starwars 1 & 2 combined into one game.

What is the Star Wars saga nickname?

The Star Wars episodes 1-3 is called the prequel trilogy and Star Wars episode 4-6 is called the original trilogy. The entire saga (All six films, The Force Unleashed, Clone Wars, and The Clone Wars) are called "The Tragedy Of Darth Vader"

What is Star Wars part 5 called?

In the original Star Wars series, Return of the Jedi was the third movie in the trilogy, but today it is part 5 of Star Wars. Return of the Jedi is the fifth part of the envisioned saga of Star Wars.

Can you get Lego Star Wars the complete saga for PC?

Yes you can get Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga for pc.

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no she is not on Lego Star Wars the complete saga

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In the original saga it was Alec Guiness and in the newer movies it was Ewan Mcgregor.

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Sir Alec Guinness.

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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga was not made in a PS2 version of the game

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Unfortunately, there are no cheat codes for Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga