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you must import Regirock Registeel and Regice from gba games (sapphire ruby emerald firered or leafgreen) but iff u had the 100 regigigas from the event you could get them in the iron island area where exit is at he roght where there is sandstorm and in mt coronet sumwhere hope i help

Please can you explain more clearly.

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Q: Which Pokemon has a body of rock a body of steel and a body of ice that awaken the king at Snow point temple?
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What do you do at snowpoint temple?

when you get to the bottom of the snowpoint temple, there is a statue that reads: Pokemon of steel Pokemon of rock Pokemon of ice To awaken Regigas, the leader of the Regis that was said to pull the continents together, you have to collect Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. Make sure they are in your party when you visit the temple so you can awaken it. Regigas is at lvl 70, so try not to make it faint. Good luck.

Where do you find Regirock in Pokemon pearl?

It is in the Snowpoint temple, on the bottom floor, however I think you need an ice, rock and steel Pokemon first.

How do you get to the Rare Pokemon in the Snowpoint Temple on Pokemon Dia?

you go all the way to the bottom then in Pokemon firered, saphaire, leafgreen, or ruby you have to get the steel version of that Pokemon YOU CAN ONLY CATCH THIS POKEMON ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Pokemon has a body of rock a body of steel and a body of ice?

Their names are: Body of Rock- Regirock Body of Steel- Registeel Body of Ice- Regice They're also called the "Three Regis". If you transfer those Pokemon from Emerald or other GameBoy Pokemon Cartridges, then you can awaken this powerful Legendary called Regigigas. You can capture it at Snowpoint City's Temple. It will be Level 70, so be careful!

How do you get regigigas no ceats no other special pokemon?

Snowpoint temple, have the 3 regis (steel, ice, rock) migrated from another game, have them in your party.

Can you get ragis in Pokemon diamond?

Regis Rock, Ice, and Steel? No... You can only get that in Pokemon Saphire and Ruby... But if you migrate them from the Saphire/Ruby, you can get the King/Ruler of Regis in the Snowcity place... in the temple thingy-mi-ding!

What Pokemon are good against steel?

Good against steel Pokemon are fire and water Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon is Klink?

Klink is a Steel type pokemon.

Get steel Pokemon in Pokemon silver?

Yes you can obtain steel Pokemon to do that you need to find a steel type Pokemon like Skarmory then catch it with a poke ball other steel types are: Steelix, Scizor, Foretress.

What is the lv100 regigigas event cheat code for Pokemon platinum?

First you need all the other Regi (Rock, Steel, Ice) from emerald e.t.c then go to snow point city, there should be a big temple thing have these Pokemon in your party and you should be able to get in - through the temple you have to do loads of boring ice pathways but eventually you find him at LV 70

How do you solve steel city in Pokemon White?

There is no Steel City in Pokemon White.

Best steel type Pokemon?

I think the best steel type Pokemon is probably dialga.