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Friday the 13th Part VII The New Blood.

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2009-05-23 09:11:33
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Q: Which Friday the 13th movie does the girl have mind powers?
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What J ason movie has a girl with mind powers in it?

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood

Which Friday the 13th movie does Jason grab a girl through a wall?

Friday the 13th, Part IX: Jason Goes To Hell.

What is a good movie to see with a girl?

May a horror to put her in your arms like Friday 13th

Who is Julie in the movie Friday night lights?

the girl

Who was ice cubes girl friend on the movie Friday?


What is tht movie called when the girl and her mother switched bodies?

Freaky Friday

What animated show or movie involved dragons and a guy with wind powers and a girl with fire powers?

American Dragon?

What is that movie called with that little girl who reads a lot and has mind powers?


What movie and television projects has Susan Jennifer Sullivan been in?

Susan Jennifer Sullivan has: Played Tippi Brewster in "Charles in Charge" in 1984. Played Muffy in "Charles in Charge" in 1984. Played Melissa in "Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood" in 1988. Played Lisa in "Click: The Calendar Girl Killer" in 1990. Played Melissa in "His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th" in 2009.

Who is the first to die in Friday The 13th?

Well, technically, the first to die were the two sexed-up teenagers in the opening scene. The first to die in the main part of the movie is the girl who was hitchhiking to the camp (I think her name was Annie, but I can't remember for sure).

What is the name of the song in the movie Friday where The girl with braids pulls up in her car?

hoochie mama

How was Friday the 13th started?

I heard that a prior Pope ordered a group of knights called the Knights Templar to be founded for the protection of the Pope, but a later Pope had every knight in the group murdered because they were supposedly too powerful. The mass execution happened on Friday the 13th . And I even heard that a little girl had her 13th birthday on Friday the 13th. She went abroad to America on her birthday with her parents and her airplane seat was number 13. They went into a hotel and their room was number 13 on the 13th floor. When they went into the lift and arrived to floor 13, the lift's rope was cut and they fell down and died.

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