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The engine computer is also the voltage regulator.

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Q: Where is the voltage regulator in a 2000 dodge Dakota?
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Can you test an alternator while it is still in the vehicle?

One can test an alternator while it's still in the car as long as the car runs. Use a volt meter across the battery terminals while the vehicle is running. The volt meter should read 13 to 14 volts in a 12 volt system. If it's lower your alternator isn't charging sufficiently. Have a friend push the accelerator and hold the car at 2000 rpms and test it again. You might try this at higher rpms as well depending on where your vehicle redlines. The voltage should not exceed 14 volts; if it does your voltage regulator is bad.

Where is the radiator fan relay located on a 2000 Dodge Caravan with a 4 cylinder engine?

Under the headlight on the drivers side (you must remove the headlight first).

Will the magnetic pull disappear when alternator is bad?

The way to test an alternator is to take it out and take it to a parts store, most will test it for free. If you want to test your alternator yourself you will need a volt meter. Start the car and have someone rev the motor to 2000 rpms and put your volt meter across the battery terminals ( pos to pos, neg to neg ). You should read 13.5 to 14 volts. If the reading is higher the voltage regulator is bad. If the reading is lower your alternator is not charging the battery sufficiently.

What could cause 2000 Dodge Neon to not go when in reverse?

rear brakes froze to the drum..gotta love the snow Your transmission is done, it will have to either be replaced or rebuilt. Neither of which is cheap or easy. Sorry! Ixnayer

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