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Himachal pradesh

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Q: Where is laldwani village situated in India?
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Where is Bahupura Mahalki village situated in India?

Bahupura village is a big village of distt. Bijnor state Uttar Pradesh (India).

Where is INAMI BAGH in India with 37 rare varieties of mangoes situated?

Inami Bagh is situated in a Hoshiarpur village in Punjab

What is the biggest village in India?

Baoli, situated in Baghpat District in Utter Pradesh

Where is Chembakolli located?

Chembakolli is the name of an Indian village situated in Tamil Nadu, a state of India.

Where is the asia's biggest biogas plant situated?

Methan village talluka patan & dist:patan,gujrat ,india.

Where is the village Melaseval?

The Village Melaseval is situated 16 kilometers away from the Tirunelveli Town in Tamilnadu, India and on the state Highway leading to a place called Ambasamudram.

Where is the Jetpur Village located in india?

Jetpur is in Rajkot District of Gujarat and is situated 30 km north of Junagadh

Where is Paramadevanahalli on NH 63 situated?

Paramadevanahalli is a village in the southern state of Karnataka, India. On NH 63 it lies midway of Amarapura and Joladarasi.

Where is Kakariko Village?

Kakariko Village is situated east of Hyrule Castle

Where is the village khulua?

khulua is a village situated in mirzapur district of India.. it is beside river GANGA the holy river of INDIA. people living in this village are full of talent ,joyness. the population is around 4,000.male population is 70%of that of population. it has its own administration under a PRADHAN.SUB PRADHAN,commette. shatrughna tripathi khulua mirzapur uttar pradesh India

Where is drass situated in India?


Where is golu devta temple?

Golu Devta Temple is located in Champawat district of Uttarakhand, India. It is situated in the Chitai village, around 4 km from Almora.