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I remember the second version of T for toes. It's not the one on you tube. The yellow lower case t dropped from the top of the screen and the beginning had the line up of barefeet but different sizes. Some adult feet and some were kids feet and it had more feet showing and the camera went from left to right. The feet still and quiet. The narrator talks about all the uses of toes.

Scratching had 2 scenes of legs standing with the foot slowly rubbing up and down the opposite leg with toes pointed so you can see them. The feet were a man and a woman's feet.

Playing had the cat which looked like a himalayen cat you only saw the upper body of the cat facing the camera. I remember seeing a male foot up against the cat (the right foot), the toes were slightly wiggling and the foot was turned with the bottoms and soles more visible. Hey said, "C'Mon cat say meow."

Tickling had four pairs of bare legs with barefeet squirming and wiggling into the soles of the foot on the opposite side. The setup had one foot doing tickling the other foot was being tickled and it seemed to be a daisy-chain of tickling feet. The camera wasn't too close because it had to show all the feet at once, but it was close enough to see the toes scrunching and squeaking and high pitched giggling was going on as the tickling continued. The scene was on a white tiled floor and the camera was above the feet right in center. There may have also been one more additional tickling scene with a closeup of 2 feet doing the same kind of tickling.

Sneaking up tippytoeing had the man in the chair barefoot, reading the paper. He showed off his barefeet and I think his toes wiggled a little bit. A lot of people remember him being barefoot, because he had his feet on a small leg rest that matched the chair. Then the camera pans right to a pair of feet standing on the floor and then zooms out to show a barefoot boy wearing green pants. His feet poked out of his pants and he slowly and deliberately slides his foot up one at a time. The camera pans from the left showing the boy shuffling up to the man in the chair really sneaking up to him until he got to the guy in the chair. The boy then looks he jumped on him and scared the guy in the chair. The man lets this big ARRRGGGHH! Some tell me started tickling the kid's barefeet after being scared....

Picking up things had the black sock on the floor with a bare foot scrunching and grabbing the sock. It took a couple of tries because the sock kept falling. The croaking sound effect was heard the toes flexed and grabbed the sock.

Testing the water had the foot next to the bathtub swirling their foot in the water, the camera had a close shot of the foot in the water.

Now, the end had the same long barefoot lineup as the beginning, but everyone's feet were wiggling and some colored yarn tied around a toe in a little bow or yarn like draped on the foot. The toes were wiggling and there is laughing and giggling in the background and there looked like there even more toes, about 7 pairs of feet. The camera goes from left to right as before. The camera goes by the fake gorilla feet to show more feet and then zooms back to it. Then it goes, "Toes, thats a good 't' word." Well, that's it. I tried to be as descriptive as possible as that it how I remember it. This is the one I distinctively remember different from the one shown on YouTube.

If anyone find this version, I would also like to see it as well.

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How did the script go like?
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I looked it on YouTube and All I found is The Original Skit and a fan made version.

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Unless HBO or the AAPB or the Library of Congress in DC or WGBH in Boston or some random person finds it and posts it online, t'aint happening McGee.

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Q: Where can you find the skit Sesame street t for toes second version?
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