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Q: Where are sea lions found?
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What states can sea lions be found?


Where is the sea lions habitat?

They can be found on rocks and in the kelp forest

Are sealions predators to koalas?

No. Apart from the fact that sea lions prefer a diet of fish, they are not usually found where koalas live. In areas where koalas' coastal habitat might overlap with the sea lions' shore habitat, koalas do not venture down to the beach. And, to date, sea lions have not yet found a way to climb eucalyptus trees.

What colour are sea lions?

Sea Lions are gray

What do baby sea lions do?

What do baby sea lions do?

Why are sea lion called sea lions?

They are the lions of the sea, agile, carniverous, hunt live prey.

Where do sea lions live?

Sea lions are any of seven species in six genera of modern pinnipeds including one extinct one (the Japanese sea lion). Sea lions are characterized by the presence of external ear pinnae or flaps, long front flippers, and the ability to walk on four flippers on land. Their range extends from the subarctic to tropical waters of the global ocean in both the northern and southern hemispheres with the notable exception of the Atlantic Ocean. They are generally found in shallow waters of coastal areas of both with abundant food resources.AnswerSea Lions originally lived in the northern Pacific and slowly moved to the south Pacific. Sea lions are seldom found in the Arctic and never found in the Atlantic Ocean. The California sea lion can be found along the coast of California and Mexico.The South American species is found mostly in the southern half of the continent with colonies found from southern Brazil to Chile and Peru. The best known are those of the Falkland Islands. Two other species are found in the southern hemisphere. The Australian sea lion and the New Zealand sea lion.

What type of animals are found in the tundra?

polar bears, sea lions, walruses, whales

Where did chumash find natural resources?

The Chumash found sea lions, seals, otters,& other sea life animals.

What are the threats to Sea-lions?

what are the major threats to the sea lions

Are there sea lions in Antarctica?

There are sea lions in Antarctica. Both sea lions and seals are able to live in the harsh climate of Antarctica.

What is the sea lions habitat?

Sea lions mainly live in antarctica