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I know that they gave special signals to tell when it was their turn to escape also they sang songs talking about the Promised Land and the masters thought that they meant Heaven and that they would be free but they were really talking about the North such as Canada. Hope this helps.

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It was a series of secret routes and houses that enslaved people would use to escape to the north.

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Q: What were special techniques used in the Underground Railroad?
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How many slaves that used the underground railroad became free?

about how many slaves used the underground railroad, which was about 100,000.

Where was the Underground railroad located?

There was never an actual underground railroad. The underground railroad refers to the process used to free slaves during slavery.

Why isn't the underground railroad included in Monopoly?

because the underground railroad was for people in the slavery used to escape from

How do you get in the underground railroad?

The underground railroad isn't actually a railroad or underground, its actually just a secret passage where African American slaves used to escape slavery. They were usually smuggled in coffins!

What was the Underground Railroad-?

The Underground Railroad was used to help slaves in the U.S. escape to states that were free, or to Canada. The railroad was a system of safe houses and secret routes.

When did the underground railroad stop being used?


When was the underground railroad first used?

1790s it was established.

Who was famous who used the underground railroad?

Harriet Tubman

Is underground a proper noun or common?

the word underground is a common noun but if used like Underground Railroad then it is proper

When was the underground railroad used?

From the 17th century to the 19th century

Why was the underground railroad was used for?

I believe you mean what was the underground railroad used for. And the answer to that is, during slavery, it set people free because no slave owners knew about it and that is how slaves would escape from slavery/slave owners.

What was the password for the underground railroad?

UNDERGROUND RAILROAD CODE PHRASES"The wind blows from the south today" - the warning of slave bounty hunters nearby"A friend with friends" - A password used to signal the arrival of fugitives with an Underground Railroad conductor"The friend of a friend sent me" - A password used by fugitives traveling alone to indicate they were sent by the Underground Railroad networkLoad of potatoes, parcel, or bundles of wood - fugitives to be expected