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Living Single

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Living Single

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Q: What was the television show for which Queen Latifah wrote the theme song?
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How was Queen Latifah involved with the Fox sitcom Living Single?

She wrote and sang the theme song, in addition to starring in it

What is the name of queen latifah books?

Latifah wrote an autobiography, which was published in 1999 by HarperCollins - Ladies First: Revelations of a Strong Woman

Who wrote the theme music for the TV show LOST?

Michael Giacchino

Who wrote the theme tune to the gentle touch tv programme?

Roger Webb

Who wrote the theme tune to harry hills tv burp?

Harry Hill!!

Who wrote The Simpsons theme?

Danny Elfman wrote the theme song for the cartoon television hit show The Simpsons. The song plays during the opening sequence.

Who wrote the theme song to the tv mini series lonesome dove?

Terry Frewer.

Who wrote the theme song to the television series Dallas?

Jerrold Immel

Who wrote the theme song for the TV series Renegade?

my friend, the point is, that there is no clue who might wrote this quite known theme of a wonderful tv series named renegade

Robert Altman's 14-year-old son wrote the theme song to what movie which also became the spinoff TV series theme song?


Who wrote the theme tune of Batman?

the title theme to the 1966 Batman TV series was composed by Neal Hefti and the shows music was by Nelson Riddle. If you meant the movies, the main theme was written by Danny Elfman.

Who wrote the theme for the TV western Rawhide?

The Western, Rawhide, was on television from 1959-66. The easily remembered theme song was sung by Frankie Laine. The music was written by Dimitri Tiomkin and the lyrics were by Ned Washington.