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Nice Guys Finish Last by Green Day

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Q: What is the song they played at the beginning of the Bingville game in Varsity Blues?
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Who played mrs Davis on varsity blues?

Tonie Perensky

When was Varsity Blues released?

Varsity Blues was released on 01/15/1999.

What was the Production Budget for Varsity Blues?

The Production Budget for Varsity Blues was $16,000,000.

When was Varsity Blues - EP - created?

Varsity Blues - EP - was created in 2002.

How much money did Varsity Blues gross worldwide?

Varsity Blues grossed $54,294,169 worldwide.

What was Tweeter's first name in Varsity Blues?

Tweeder's first name in Varsity Blues was Charlie

How much money did Varsity Blues gross domestically?

Varsity Blues grossed $52,894,169 in the domestic market.

In Varsity Blues who plays the song during their game to play the Broncos?

In the movie called Varsity Blues, the group who sings the song during the game played against the Broncos is AC/DC. The name of the 1990 song is Thunderstruck.

Pigs name in varsity blues?

Bacon. :]

What is billy bobs pet on varsity blues?

a pig

What are the release dates for Varsity Boat Race The Light and Dark Blues - 1907?

Varsity Boat Race The Light and Dark Blues - 1907 was released on: USA: April 1907

Song during the last play of varsity blues?