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Did you hurt yourself, Jo?

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Christmas won't be Christmas without presents

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Q: What is the first line of 'Little Women'?
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When was little women first written?

Little Women was first published in two volumes, in 1868 and 1869.

What book has the first line Christmas won't be Christmas without presents?

"Christmas would'nt be Christmas without any presents" is the opening line in "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott.

What is the value of a first edition of Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott?

Little Women grossed $50,003,303 worldwide.

What year did Little Women novel take place?

Best guess for Little Women Published is 1868

Which book begins with Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without any presents?

The book "Little Women" begins with the line "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents." The line is spoken by main character Jo. "Little Women" is a classic novel written by American writer Louisa May Alcott.

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Who wrote Little Women?

Louisa May Alcott.She also wrote Little MenAnswer"Little Women" was written by the author Louisa May Alcott. "Little Women" was first published in 1868-1869. The woman who wrote the book 'Little Women' is Louisa May Alcott. She has written other books as part as it which are called: Good Wives, Little men, and Joes Boys.

How many words in Little Women book 1 and 2?

The Louisa May Alcott novel Little Women is comprised of two volumes. The first of these being the eponymous Little Women, and the second being Good Wives, published in 1869.

Why was little women called little women?

I think that Little women called so for two main reasons , first to show that even though the four sisters are little but they are wise when it comes to deal with different situations , it means to show that they were thinking like women do and the second reason it may refers to the view of women at that time , little women to show that women are weak , Louisa wanted to refers that on the way that women were manimanized

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