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The difference is Loft is much more casual, everyday wear. Ann Taylor however, is professional/business attire. Ann Taylor carries suiting and wear to work looks that the Loft does not. Both are good quality and represent the same basic brand. Ann.

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Q: What is the difference between Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft?
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How can I get some Ann Taylor Loft coupons?

You can find some greta Ann Taylor Loft coupons at Yous should also make sure you get on to Ann Taylor Loft's mailing list? Then you will be able to get discounts in the mail.

Who designed Kate Gosselin's 1st wedding dress?

The green dress was from Ann Taylor Loft. A link to the dress on the Ann Taylor Loft website is under Related links.

Do you get commission working at ann Taylor loft?


Where are Ann Taylor stores located?

There are 981 Ann Taylor stores in the US. These are made up of 278 dedicated Ann Taylor stores, 101 Factory stores, 510 Loft stores, and 92 Loft outlet stores. There are also retail outlets at both the Ann Taylor website and the Loft website.

What types of clothing can be purchased from Ann Taylor Loft?

Feminine, chic and high quality women's clothing can be purchased from Ann Taylor Loft. Ann Taylor Loft offers relaxed fashion for today's woman. The range includes a wide range of bridesmaid dresses, women's suits, pants and sweaters.

How many Ann Taylor Loft stores are located within the United States Of America?

There are a total of 510 Ann Taylor loft stores within the United states. There are a total of 984 stores with the brand between the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the District of Colombia.

What type of clothing is found at Ann Taylor Loft?

Ann Taylor Loft sells Women's clothing, including dresses, suits and blouses. In order to find one's local Ann Taylor store, the website of the company offers a store locator service for the US.

Where does kate gosselin go clothes shopping?

Ann Taylor Loft.

Does World Financial Network National Bank own the Ann Taylor credit card?

They do represent the Ann Taylor Loft credit card.

Where can one find Ann Taylor Loft coupons?

Ann Taylor Loft coupons can be found on a wide variety of sites. Each offers different percentages and benefits so it is wise to look at all the offers.

Where did Jon get Kate's bag that he got her for last Valentine's Day?

Ann Taylor Loft

What do employees have to wear at ann Taylor loft?

Anything business like. Most typically purchase clothes at the store and wear them. Ann Taylor Loft doesn't have any designated uniform, but they do require nice, business like or professional attire.