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Taxi driving

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The India's national sport is cricket.

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Q: What is the Indias national sport?
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What is Indias national sport?

India has no official national sport according to the ministry of sports. However, as noted by Wikipedia, the de facto (unofficial) national sport is Field Hockey.

Is curry Indias national food dish?


Which is indias national dance?

Bharath Natyam and its variants

Who is indias first national president?

Dr.Mahatma Gandi

When was Indias National Flag born?

July 22, 1947

What is the name of indias national athem?

Jana Gana Mana

What are Indias sports?

Most popular sport is cricket by far. Hockey is the national sport but comes in second. Soccer is played in South India and West Bengal. Other sports where India has performed well is shooting. India's cricket team is amongst the best in the world.

What is indias national food?

looks like daal

What is Indias's national symbol?

It's the emblem of india adopted from "Ashok Chakra" .

What is England's national sport?

Football is the highest watched and voted their national sport

How to write in 8 different Indian languages that Hindi is indias national language?


What is Indias national emblem?

the three headed lion found on 1 rupee coins!