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Jake and Josh's father was Scandinavian American and their mother is from Okinawa Japan.

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Q: What is the Ethnicity of Jake Harris deadliest catch?
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Who is Jake and Josh Harris' mother of The Deadliest Catch?

Mary Harris

Is Jake harris of deadliest catch cornielia Marie still on drugs?

no he isn't

Did Jake from the northwestern on deadliest catch find his father?

At first I was confused because I was thinking of Jake Harris, hahah. But no, Jake Anderson till hasn't found his dad.

Who is Mary Harris ex wife of Phil Harris deadliest catch?

She is Capt. Phil's x wife mother of Josh & Jake Harris Phil was married to her from 1982-1991.

What does Jake Harris now?

Jake Harris (Cornelia Marie deckhand from TV series Deadliest Catch ) is the second son of Phil (Cornelia Marie captain from TV series Deadliest Catch) and Mary Harris. His older brother is Josh Harris (Cornelia Marie deckhand from TV series Deadliest Catch) . The nationalities of all of the Harris family is American, and their race is Caucasian.

Who is Jake Anderson?

Jenna Patterson and Jake Anderson from the deadliest catch are together

Who is Jake Anderson dating?

Jenna Patterson and Jake Anderson from the deadliest catch are together

How did Jake's sister die on Deadliest Catch?

No Jake's sister didn't die but that was a good Q!

When is deadliest catch going to be back on?

Deadliest Catch going to be on in May but I so not know which day in May I love You Phill. I hope you get better Jake.

Does the deadliest catch season 8 last episode has the happy end or sad ending?

It is happy As Jake Anderson is gettimg married and then it gets kind of sad when they are insinuating that Keith Is retiring and Monte is the new cqptain and as they say Jake Harris is going down the wrong lpath.

What is wrong with Jake harris face on recend deadiless catch show?


Is the Cornelia Marie in season 9 of deadliest catch?

No its not. Josh is still on the time bandit and Jake has left the show.